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Currier ives dating prints

To the South, Fort Nassau on the Delaware is seemingly surrounded by Swedish outposts.

These firms issued the second largest number of decorative prints intended for the American public, surpassed only by their New York rivals, Currier & Ives, producing thousands of lithographs, most hand-colored, which ended up in the homes and work places of Americans.

The Kelloggs' prints were typical of the popular print style: colorful, affordable and with images covering much the same range of topics as those of their New York counterpart.

Above: Let the Weapons of War Perish/Sacred to the Memory of Imported Heroes: Honour to the Brave, Thomas Kensett, 1815 Picturing Victorian America, edited by the AHPCS very own Nancy Finlay.

The exhibition features sixty-four hand-colored lithographs, which include a stunning array of visual references to an exciting period in national development.

Superimposed on the Minuit framework is more recent information from surveys made during the early years of the New Netherlands.

Whoever produced the Van der Donck manuscript would naturally have had access to these sources.

Subjects included portraits, historical events, scenes of daily life, views, religious themes, politics, sports, animals, sentimental images and any other topic that might be of interest to the American public. Became a partner in 1871, forming Kellogg & Bulkeley, which lasted into the 20th century.